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Acrobat Removals make quick work of moving house in Newcastle

Moving house

Elermore Vale to Aberglasslyn

Four hours

Moving house can be stressful at the best of times. Throw in some bulky items and a small window of opportunity and you can almost feel the stress levels rising.

When Claire, a Marketing Manager from Newcastle needed to relocate from her rental unit in Elermore Vale to her new home 40kms away in Aberglasslyn (Maitland), she expected it to be quite an ordeal.

“I’ve got a lot of stuff… and I didn’t want to mess around hiring trucks and asking friends to lend a hand,” Claire said. “So, I knew I would need professional removalists to do the heavy lifting. But I was also concerned about the distance and the potential cost involved.”

Amongst her possessions was a large and heavy antique timber cabinet, two big televisions, a fragile glass display unit, three large wardrobes full of clothes, plus a collection of treasured artwork. Add to this the contents of a regular house and that’s a fair bit to move. Plus, Claire was without a car – meaning she really needed removalists who would take care of everything.

Providing convenience each step of the way

Claire began making enquiries with Newcastle-based removalists, but soon became frustrated at the process.

“Some of the companies took a long time to get back to me or provided far ranging quotes, including surcharges for weekend moves. Many wanted to do a detailed inventory list and quote over the phone during regular working hours, which was difficult as I work full time.”

Then she reached out to our team at Acrobat Removals and Storage.

“I was able to contact them through their online quote form. This made the process much easier because I could do it in my own time,” Claire said.

“Before long I received a phone call with a firm price estimate. I was able to talk through the process and potential dates for my move. I felt comfortable that Jordan was being upfront with me, and that I knew what to expect. Also, there was no additional cost for moving house over the weekend.”

Our Operations Manager, Jordan Petersen said the team were happy to be able to accommodate Claire’s needs.

“We were aware that there was a specific window for the move, as it needed to align with the end of a lease,” Jordan said. “It also needed to take place on a Saturday due to Claire’s work commitments. And everything needed to be moved in one go, without relying on additional hands or multiple trips.

“Thankfully, Claire had filled out the inventory form – meaning we knew exactly the equipment, manpower, and truck size required. So, we were able to provide an accurate quote and lock in a moving date on the first phone call.”

“The online quote form has been a real game changer for us,” Jordan said. “Because our clients can fill in the details of what they need moved in their own time, rather than be rushed during a phone call, we know exactly what the move will involve.”

Moving house the Acrobat way

Moving day arrived and it was all systems go.

“We brought along our television boxes so we could safely transport the two 55-inch tv’s without damage, special picture boxes for Claire’s artwork, port-a-robes for her clothing, and furniture pads to prevent damage during transit.

“In order to move the large cabinet safely with just two removalists, we used our purpose-built furniture straps and harnesses. These allow for the safe lifting and carrying of up to around 300 kilograms, meaning less workers are needed for the move, and it lowers the cost to the customer.

“As we like to say, you can truly leave the heavy lifting to us!”

For Claire, the move was far easier than she expected.

“Jordan and Brett were both fantastic. They showed up at exactly the time they said they would, had all the equipment they needed, and got stuck straight into loading the truck.

“They took obvious care with all my belongings as they wrapped and loaded them.

“By using their port-a-robes, I was able to quickly transfer clothes from my wardrobe straight to the box, and then into my new wardrobes, without having to take each item off a hanger, pack it, and then rehang at the other end.”

The only stress of the day was the result of rookie mistake on Claire’s part.

“I significantly underestimated the number of boxes I would need and was quite anxious about the added cost,” she said. “But the guys were so friendly and there was no issue with the extra boxes, as they had brought a truck with plenty of room. I was so relieved!”

First class service from start to finish

Jordan and Jimmy made swift work of the move, completing the job in under four hours – exactly what had been quoted – with no breakages or damaged items.

Claire said she couldn’t be happier with the experience she had moving house in Newcastle with Acrobat Removals.

“Every piece of furniture was placed in the correct spot in the new home – meaning we didn’t need to rearrange anything after they left. They even put each of the boxes in the right room, without me having to lift a finger.”

“I would not hesitate to recommend Acrobat Removals for friendly, professional, cost-effective removalist services. I’ve already saved time on my next move, as I won’t be shopping around for quotes. I already know who gives the best service. I will definitely use them again in the future."

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