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Moving out of home was a breeze for these first time movers

Moving house

Maitland & Warners Bay to Newcastle

3 hours

First time movers can often experience a great deal of anxiety during their first move. Leaving the nest and venturing out to their very own home can not only cause financial hardship, not to mention the stress that comes with making sure everything goes smoothly on the day.

Think back to your first move. Was it difficult? Was it nerve-racking? Well, it doesn’t have to be. And we’re glad to hear it wasn’t, for first time movers, Laura and Patrick.

Moving into their first home together, the couple moved from their two separate houses in Maitland, and Warners Bay, to their new house in the Newcastle area. They were looking for removalists that would help them move from two locations.

That’s when they contacted us.

Taking the anxiety out of moving day for first time movers

Despite Laura and Patrick moving from opposite ends of the Hunter region, the move was approached as any other. With professionalism, safety and timeliness being the main focus.

Our Operations Manager, Jordan Petersen was assigned to oversee the move, and assist Laura and Patrick.

Laura, who had never moved houses before, didn’t know what to expect before her big move, but was pleasantly surprised with our quick and efficient services.

“Jord was on top of everything and checked in with us a couple of days before the move, as well as on the day to make sure everything was on track to going ahead. It was great having that touch base as it made us feel secure and eased some worry that we had about the move.”

“Jord and Rodney completed the move in under three hours. We had no breakages, and everything was done smoothly and professionally. We couldn’t believe how quick it went – we thought it was going to take the whole day!”

An efficient move, without the fuss!  

Before moving houses, Laura and Patrick had looked through reviews of various Newcastle removalists. They had heard from word of mouth about our services and enquired to get a quote from us immediately.

Being first time movers, they were cautious about the safety of their belongings.

“The idea of moving out of home for the first time was a new process for myself and my partner. Having an experienced team assist us took a lot of the initial stress away.

"We couldn’t have asked for a better team to help us move for the first time. Moving as a whole is a stressful experience and having a team like Acrobat who knew the ropes and kept us in the loop made all the difference. I’d especially recommend Acrobat Removals to first-time movers! They were friendly, helpful, professional and got the job done efficiently.”

Like what you see?

If you’re looking to have a great moving experience without the stress, we can help you.

Our team of professionally trained removalists will bend over backwards to guarantee you have a fuss-free, organised, and efficient move.

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