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Acrobat Removals & Storage

Packing Services

Save time and money with pre-packing services

Are you looking for a company that offers professional packing services? Don’t have the time to efficiently pack your belongings yourself? There’s no need to stress, we’re here to help.

Pre-packing prior to your move can help you have a successful, fast and efficient move. As a removalist company, we’ve witnessed countless property damages that have resulted from incorrect packing. That is exactly why we recommend hiring a packing service prior to your move and leave the professionals to it!


Packing Services, Packing Services, Acrobat Removals & Storage
Packing Services, Packing Services, Acrobat Removals & Storage
Packing Services, Packing Services, Acrobat Removals & Storage

We use industry standard removalist cartons and packing materials

Gone are the days when you hunt old, used boxes that have been discarded from grocery stores. When you chose us for your packing services, you can ensure that only industry standard-sized cartoons, white butchers’ type paper, and high-quality packing tape are used.

Why does this matter you ask?

Using these materials for pre-packing ensures that your belongings are better protected. As AFRA removalists, we work in line with contract guidelines, which state that removalists may not be held responsible for damage to the content of the packed by owner’s cartons. 

Eliminate packing issues by opting for a professional packing service

Did you know by not packing items properly, you could risk damaging your belongings or causing potential harm to the removalists?

Our full trained staff know the ins and outs of packing goods efficiently, ensuring that each box is organised, and the materials are not damaged in the process.

We effectively pack the truck with this in mind, making sure that the space is used up constructively, and unpacking goes smoothly!

Get packed, fast!

Need some help packing up your belongings? Get in touch with us today to discuss our packing services.


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