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Acrobat Removals & Storage

Storage Services

Affordable storage solutions

Are you on the lookout for affordable storage services? We understand how costly self-storage over long periods of time can be.

That’s exactly why we offer storage services where you only pay until the day you leave. This means that when you move out, you only pay for the actual time you spent using the storage – unlike other storage facilities that may charge you for the full month, regardless of when you leave.

We make storage solutions simple for you!

Unfortunately, sometimes move dates don’t line up! It can leave you with the stress of not only finding accommodation in between, but also sourcing a solution to storing your belongings until the move date. That’s where we can help. Whether it be short or long-term solutions, we are here to make things simple and remove any concerns that may come with your next move.

We can store your belongings in our modules for a minimum of one day until – well, as long as you need. Our modules are a safe, secure, and simple solution for temporary storage needs – and you can have trust that your belongings will be well looked after.

We charge per month for our storage solutions. However, should you move your belongings out before the month ends, we will refund you the balance of that month. We also offer discounts for long-term storage use, making storing your belongings more affordable for you.

Our AFRA removalists use modules for storage, which are locked and alarmed at our premises in Sandgate. Whenever you require access to your belongings, simply give us a quick call! We will then move your module down to the floor, ready for when you arrive. Please note that a small handling fee is charged for this service.

Storage Services, Storage Services, Acrobat Removals & Storage
Storage Services, Storage Services, Acrobat Removals & Storage
Storage Services, Storage Services, Acrobat Removals & Storage

Handling your personal belongings with care

To ensure your belongings are handled with care and protected against scratching and damage, we supply an unlimited amount of professional furniture blankets.

Our highly trained team of Newcastle removalists will ensure your belongings are stored correctly into each module, which means you can feel confident that each item will come out in the same condition as it went in.

Keep your stuff safe!
To find out more about our storage services, unit sizes and prices,
get in touch with us today.

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