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Packing materials

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Make the switch to high quality packing materials for your next move

Do you usually use packing materials or boxes that fall apart, disintegrate, and fail to last your whole move?

Avoid the headache and damage to your belongings with the right packing materials and moving supplies for your next move. We offer a range of boxes, moving bags and covers, tape, packaging material and more.

We source from our own packing stock for every move because we know they can withstand the tests of transporting items from one site to another safely.

High quality packing materials at affordable prices

We have a range of high-quality packing materials, including boxes, packing tape, port-a-robes and cartons, to ensure we can meet your moving needs at an affordable cost.

Hate the idea of having leftover boxes? Want to be more money-conscious?

Well, not only do we sell second hand boxes at a lower cost, but we also offer compensation when you bring your boxes back to us at the end of your move.

Plus, if you don’t mind using second-hand boxes – this is an option for you. This is a great choice for those looking to save a few extra dollars on their move.

Our boxes are made from strong, durable cardboard, guaranteeing the protection and safety of your belongings at all times!

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