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The Marketing GP experience

When Carrington-based business The Marketing GP was moving office, the team faced a few challenges that needed to be overcome.

Finding a new office that provided enough space to accommodate the growing team was the first hurdle. They also didn’t have a lot of time as the move needed to happen before the Property Manager could re-lease the current space.

Location was a key factor too, as Carrington had proven to be an ideal location. Close to the Newcastle CBD and with easy access to key thoroughfares to Maitland, the Upper Hunter, Port Stephens, and Sydney. The close-knit community feel also matched perfectly with the ethos and personality of their team.

Things did move fast and The Marketing GP Managing Director, Holly Martin, found the perfect office location – straight across the road. Questions soon turned to the logistics of the move.

Making the move

“We were only moving across the road. So, I thought it wouldn’t be something a removalist would want to deal with,” Holly said.  “But the new office is up a pretty tricky flight of stairs. That’s when I knew we were definitely going to need some help.

“I decided to contact three removalists for a quote, as I honestly didn’t know what a fair price would be. And I’m glad I did as the differences were substantial.”

Holly said that she was immediately drawn to Acrobat Removals and the seamless way they handled her enquiry.

“They had everything covered,” Holly said. “Emails answered my questions before I asked them. Plus, the easy paperwork made me feel confident I was getting a genuine quote based on our specific requirements.

“And they provided a very competitive hourly rate. This was unlike the others that quoted a flat rate regardless of the amount of time moving office would take.”

Acrobat Removals Operations Manager, Jordan Petersen was assigned to oversee the move and provide guidance to Holly on the finer details.

“We were trying to decide whether to book the move for a Friday or Saturday to minimise disruption to daily operations,” Holly said. “Jordan’s recommendation was to go with Friday as there’s generally more availability and the price is lower. I was impressed that he was providing solutions that suited me, as opposed to what suited them.”

Packing in preparation

So, a Friday it was, and The Marketing GP team set about packing up their outgrown office space. Being a prominently paperless office, they had decided to box their own items, and each team member was in charge of their own space.

On reflection, if they were to move again, Holly says it would be a different story.

“When you’re in the office, it feels like you don’t have that much ‘stuff’, so it would be pretty straightforward to pack up,” Holly said. “In addition, we decided to do it over a fortnight, so it ended up feeling like a never-ending process.

“If we end up moving again, we will definitely use the packing services of Acrobat Removals as well!”

In addition to office relocations, Acrobat Removals offers a range of relocation and storage services, including:

  • Intra-city, intra-state and interstate household removal and relocation
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Packaging such as boxes, wrapping and filler materials
  • Storage and removal of large, unique, and fragile items (pianos, spas, pool tables, plants, and potting, etc.)
  • Affordable, safe, and secure storage solutions

Most local customers are offered hourly rates as opposed to flat fees, while intra and interstate customers are quoted fixed price off an inventory. Quotes are completed quickly and accurately by us over the phone and followed up via email correspondence.

Moving day

Jordan said despite the move being literally from one side of the street to the other the job was approached in the same way as any other, with safety and professionalism the focus.

“The stairs were definitely a challenge to negotiate, especially to move a few bulky items, but it went smoothly, because our team are experienced in all types of moves,” Jordan said.

Holly said that moving office using Acrobat Removals was hassle-free and she would recommend their services, no matter how small or large the task.

“The movers from Acrobat turned up on time and were friendly and helpful,” Holly said. “And I was really impressed that there was no ‘slow walking’ given the hourly rate – the team was efficient and had the job done in good time.

“We moved office with a minimum of fuss and limited downtime, meaning there was very little impact on our everyday operations.

“There was even a slight hiccup when a TV stand shelf was damaged. I wasn’t too worried, as I know these things can happen – no matter how careful you are. However, it was the response of the team that I was impressed with.

“They immediately apologised, researched the item and offered to replace it! That felt like going way over and above what I expected,” Holly concluded.

“The movers from Acrobat turned up on time and were friendly and helpful. And I was really impressed that there was no ‘slow walking’ given the hourly rate – the team was efficient and had the job done in good time."

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