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Acrobat Removals & Storage

Your go-to Newcastle removalist

Are you looking
for a Newcastle removalist you can rely on to make your next move a breeze?

Acrobat Removals is a locally owned and operated business that started right here in Newcastle in 1994.

With our strong reputation earned through thousands of successful moves, and our Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) accreditation, you can rest assured our team will be the right fit for your move.

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Reliable, fair, and quality Newcastle removalist & storage services

Moving House

When it comes to moving house, Acrobat Removalists are the experts. In fact, over the last two decades, we have helped thousands of people move into homes and offices around Newcastle.

From cosy single-room homes to expansive multi-level apartment buildings, our expertise spans the spectrum.

Concerned about challenging inclines, confined elevators, or intricate indoor staircases? Rest assured; these are routine tasks for us!

Whether you need to move bulky or unique personal items, our removalist experts and quality equipment will help to make the process stress-free.

Moving Office

Moving office spaces is a demanding task that our removalists know their way around.

We excel in delivering a comprehensive relocation service tailored to your office needs.

Our efficient approach guarantees that you can settle into your new office swiftly and seamlessly. Our number one goal is to ensure you can focus on your core activities without unnecessary downtime.

From IT gear to office furnishings and paperwork, we handle everything. Plus, we prioritise security to protect your sensitive information throughout the process.

Interstate Moves​

Are you moving to Newcastle from interstate? We are ready to welcome you and ensure your move to our wonderful region is seamless and enjoyable.

Or are you leaving Newcastle? Firstly, we will miss you. Secondly, we can help!

We frequently run trips from Newcastle to Sydney to Canberra, and Australia-wide!

Our reliable team can provide you with a cost effective solution to meet your needs.

World-Class Storage

Keeping your belongings safe and secure is easy with our storage modules and containers.

Whether you require long-term or short-term storage, we have an option suited to your needs.

Our Newcastle removalist and storage facility is home to 420 world-class storage modules and 15 containers. These modules are weather-resistant and built to fit easily into our trucks for loading and transportation to your home or office.

Packing Materials ​

Need moving boxes that won’t fall apart or risk damage to your belongings? We’ve got you covered.

We have a range of packing materials including cartons, packing paper, tape, bubble wrap + more!

Plus, if you buy your boxes through us, we can also compensate you when you return them to our Newcastle removalist facility.

Save yourself a trip to the shops and purchase your packing materials online.

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your next move

There’s no need to wait for us to visit you. Simply fill in our inventory form today and we will send you a free quote! Or contact us to chat about your move.

Hear what our happy Newcastle customers have to say

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“It really is a five-star treatment that was not only competitive in price, but time-saving.”
Acrobat Removals make quick work of moving house in Newcastle
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“I would not hesitate to recommend Acrobat Removals as a friendly, professional and cost-effective removalist in Newcastle.”

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